Based in Austin, LifeSpring Insurance is committed to offering financial fertility assistance to families living in Texas. As the first infertility insurance company of our kind, our policies can help cover what most other companies cannot. This includes IVF, drug therapy, surgical care, egg retrieval, and more. 

Our Story

At LifeSpring, we choose to focus on how we can help, but every now and then it’s important to remember why we created this infertility assistance policy.  For those who have not experienced infertility first hand, it is hard to understand the depth and reach that it has on a person.  In many ways, infertility is the thief of a life imagined.  It can feel like your most private hopes and dreams have been shattered. Grappling with the loss of identity and life path may significantly impact your marriage, career, friendships, personality, and financial security. We acknowledge and support that there are many ways of becoming a parent, but for most, we must first live through the inability of having children before pursuing other routes.  To put it succinctly, infertility, like any personal struggle, profoundly changes your life.

That is why LifeSpring is dedicated to offering an affordable resource to give couples every opportunity to realize their dreams of parenthood.

By focusing on the positive we looked for ways to become part of the solution.  We were sure there was an answer out there.   Our expertise and background are in insurance, so we put our experience to work by using insurance principles to create an affordable infertility treatment policy.   The good news is that we created a solution!  By buying an infertility treatment policy prior to knowing or having any indication that there may be a possibility of infertility,  we can make treatment affordable.  Really affordable!   In fact, we can get the total premium to about four percent (4%) of treatment costs.

The best solutions are often elegant and symbolic of the problem, so we find it fitting that the solution to infertility is a generational one.  We thank all our partners and supporters that have looked beyond their own benefit to leave the next generation an affordable solution to treat infertility.


Jason Muesse
Founder, CEO

Lifespring’s Mission

is to change the way the costs of infertility are insured.

We hope for a future where every child will have the opportunity to pursue having his or her own biological child when ready to become a parent.


Infertility is all around us

Infertility impacts over 12% of Americans. Every time we go to a movie, buy groceries, attend a meeting, or take a vacation, we are surrounded by individuals who are struggling with or have struggled with this issue. Last year, prospective parents shelled out more than one billion dollars on infertility treatments. In hopes of having a child, couples spend, on average, more than $40,000. Unfortunately, many of these couples aren’t offered any assistance, as just one in four mid-size or larger employers provide coverage for these procedures. This presents an added financial burden that many prospective parents can’t bear.

Are you interested in learning more about our policies or starting a policy for your child? Call LifeSpring today at (844) 443-4979 or complete our contact form to request a quote. You may also start your application at any time.