National Infertility Awareness Week

One in eight families face infertility challenges. Infertility does not discriminate against race, economic status or religious status. It affects males and females. We want future families to overcome the challenges of infertility and have the greatest access to support, along with the ability to pay for expensive infertility treatments if they ever need it. This is why LifeSpring created the country’s first and exclusive insurance for primary infertility treatments, offering today’s adults an opportunity to give the next generation of couples affected by infertility the hope and financial resources they need.

Sandy Knott and her family

Sandy Knott has a lot of friends who have struggled with infertility and feels very blessed that she and her husband did not. She is a former coworker of LifeSpring’s founders, Jason Muesse and Eugenie Shea, and decided to purchase the infertility insurance policy for her 13-year old son. 

She watched her friends struggle through the financial hardship of infertility, making decisions about the number of round of infertility treatments they should undergo and trying to find a way to have a biological child of their own. “It was an easy decision for me to make this decision and buy my son a policy,” she said. 

“I can’t predict the future, and I can’t predict the unknown,” Knott said. “But if I can make his life a little bit easier in anyway I can, this is just one extra thing to do.” She views infertility insurance as a great safety net for her and her son, making sure that he doesn’t have to encounter a financial struggle when it is time for he and his future person to start a family. 

Get Involved

We want to change how infertility treatment is insured and change the conversation about infertility. During National Infertility Awareness Week, April 19-25, 2020, there are many ways to stand with families facing infertility.

  • See our video and how LifeSpring is changing the conversation surrounding how infertility is covered.
  • Participate in #WearOrange on April 22 and #LightItUpOrange all week long.
  • Send a caring note to a friend or family member affected by infertility and post to your social media channels. Click for the full-size image to open in a new tab. These images can be shared any time of year.
Your journey to parenthood does not define you, it refines youYour journey to parenthood does not define you, it refines you. orange themeYour journey to parenthood does not define you, it refines you. pink/red themeYour journey to parenthood does not define you, it refines you. purple theme

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  • Participate in one of our online quizzes!

    • Light Your Town Orange – During National Infertility Awareness week, LifeSpring encourages you to show support for families affected by infertility. Which Texas city will paint the town orange?
    • How Do You #WearOrange? – During National Infertility Awareness Week, people will don orange on April 22 to show support for families facing infertility. What’s your favorite way to #WearOrange?
    • Your Favorite Holidays – During and after National Infertility Awareness week, LifeSpring wants to honor all the ways we create connection and celebrate family with loved ones. What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate with family?

Tell Your Story

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