Infertility Insurance Videos

LifeSpring Insurance gives families a way to protect their children from the emotional and financial repercussions of an infertility diagnosis. By covering children before they reach age 14, we can make the coverage affordable to more families, filling the gaps that exist in many primary health plans. Watch our infertility insurance videos below and find out more about our Primary Infertility Assistance Policy. Contact us if we can answer your questions.

Why LifeSpring?

Infertility is a topic most people don’t want to talk about. But many of us know a couple or a family member who has privately struggled to have their own child. This is why LifeSpring is starting a new conversation about infertility and how we can make treatment affordable for more people. We may not be able to remove all the stressors associated with an infertility journey, but can alleviate the barrier of finances for future families.

An interview with LifeSpring founders

Infertility insurance for children is a new type of supplemental health insurance now available in Texas. Most people haven’t heard of it, but it has the potential to save future families from the heartbreaking choice to not pursue having their own biological children because of financial limitations. It doesn’t have to be that way. Find out why in the video below.

A poll uncovers Americans’ attitudes

We conducted a survey to learn more about what Americans think about family building, primary infertility, becoming a grandparent and infertility insurance. The results might surprise you. Read our blog post that gives all the details.

Early-life fertility coverage for children

Starting a family can be challenging under normal circumstances. But having children may not be easy for everyone. LifeSpring Insurance Services offers early-life fertility coverage to protect your child in the event they need expensive fertility treatments when they are older and ready to have a family. Most health plans don’t cover all the costs involved to resolve an infertility diagnosis, which is why a supplemental health plan is a smart idea.

Plan ahead and protect your future family

Infertility is all around us, and treatment can be very expensive especially for IUI and IVF. Unfortunately, it’s a diagnosis that often is not covered by traditional health plans. The good news is the LifeSpring Insurance Service has a Primary Infertility Assistance Policy available for children and protects them when they are older. Has your family been affected by infertility? Contact us today and tell us your story. We are listening.