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Infertility Resources for Couples Seeking Infertility Treatment

Even though we offer infertility insurance for future families, we often receive queries from families who are facing infertility right now. To respond to the needs of today’s families, we have compiled a list of infertility resources to help you on your journey. These curated resources give general information about fertility, infertility and infertility advancements and state regulations. We believe that family is everything and that every family should have the opportunity to pursue having their own biological child when they are ready to become parents. Many people have undergone what you are going through and you are not alone!


Paying for infertility treatment

First check out what health insurance options may be available to you.  There are also open market options that you can pursue.  Many are quite expensive and require you to be an insured for some period of time prior to approving infertility procedures.  There are lending companies out there that specialize in infertility procedure financing.  

  • Future Family – They offer flexible financing and dedicated support for IVF and egg freezing.
  • RESOLVE – This nonprofit maintains a list of companies that offer financing and scholarship and grants.
  • Cofertility – This blog also has research, grant options, and links to fertility clinics.
  • FertilityIQ – This blog provides both educational courses and guides on infertility, as well as verified assessments on every U.S. fertility doctor and clinic in the US.



Coping and thriving with infertility

Suffering with infertility can be one of the loneliest and helpless feelings you may ever deal with. You have have access to more help than you thought. 

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) –  Check with your employer to see what Employee Assistance Plans you may have access to for help. They often can provide short-term counseling and other helpful services. 
  • Health insurance – You mental health is very important and most health plans may cover the cost to see a counselor or therapist. Take advantage of this benefit. 
  • Peer support – Connecting with other families who have been where you are can be a lifeline. 
    • RESOLVE offers peer support groups in-person and virtually. 
    • Beat Infertility offers a podcast and online community.
    • Pregnantish – This online multimedia magazine aims to help people dealing with infertility navigate the emotional, personal, and practical realities of an often overwhelming process.  


Grief and Loss can sometimes be part of the journey

Finding support for a miscarriage, stillbirth or loss can help with the healing process.

  • Bo’s Place (Houston, Texas) – Pregnancy and Loss Group that meets for 7 weeks.
  • M.E.N.D. (Dallas/Fort  Worth) is a Christian, non-profit organization that reaches out to families who have suffered the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. They have chapters in many Texas cities.
  • Hand to Hold (Austin, Texas) offers bereavement support for families who have experienced loss in addition to their core mission of NICU parent support.
  • Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support offers virtual options for support.





Medical Resources

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine – ASRM’s mission is to provide multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy, and standards in reproductive medicine and science, with the goal of ensuring accessible, ethical, and quality reproductive care for every person.
  • Centers for Disease Control – The CDC shares health resources about reproductive health and statistics.
  • Very Well – This website has a very good explanation about infertility and each article is medically reviewed.  


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