Coverage designed to offer the best chance of having a biological child


At LifeSpring, we’ve made it our mission to provide you and your family the promise of a path to parenthood —

with the help of simple, affordable infertility treatment coverage. With the option of purchasing a policy well in advance, you can help your child overcome potential infertility issues with the funds to pay for expensive treatment options like drug therapy, IUI, and IVF without any deductibles or co-insurance.


Texas children from birth through age 13 are eligible for our early life infertility policy that can be used from age 18 to 36 when they are ready to become a parent. Learn More


Our application process is easy and can be completed 100% online.  After answering just a few short questions, you will instantly receive your custom quote.


LifeSpring’s policy covers anesthesia, fertility medications, embryo storage, lab testing, medical imaging, outpatient surgery center costs, minor procedures, and IVF. Learn More


A policy can be purchased for children from birth through age 13.  Save money by locking in your policy at a younger age. Apply today


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your policy during the first 12 days of the policy, you can receive a 100% money-back guarantee.



Our infertility insurance policy specifically covers medical procedures related to a diagnosis and treatment of primary infertility. Learn more

$50,000 BENEFIT

The LifeSpring policy is designed to provide the best opportunity to have a biological child.  With a $50,000 benefit, the average couple will be able to pursue drug therapy, minor procedures, IUIs, and IVF. Learn More


LifeSpring’s policy is an admitted health insurance product in Texas. Our policy was reviewed and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance to ensure it is safe for purchase. Learn More


Anyone can purchase a policy for a Texas child under the age of 14. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, or friends who live outside of Texas can still purchase policies for the Texas children in their lives.  Learn More

Infertility offers unique circumstances that make it difficult to insure.  As an industry we have struggled to find the best way to provide a wide range of coverage and keep it affordable.  LifeSpring is our answer to changing how infertility treatments are insured.

We offer you the opportunity to purchase policies for your loved ones from birth through age thirteen.  By doing this, you can protect your child from future infertility costs in a practical and affordable way.  We know that your child’s potential infertility is not on the top of your mind, but by the time most people know they will have trouble conceiving it is too late.  With twelve percent of our country struggling with infertility, over a billion dollars are spent every year in treatments – most of them out-of-pocket.   You have the opportunity to ease this financial burden for your loved one by purchasing a LifeSpring Policy.  For only a couple thousand dollars you can provide $50,000 of future infertility treatments.  We’ve designed our policy to give you the most coverage possible. To learn more about our policy features, please continue reading below.

The Solution

Let’s face it: for most young couples starting out finances can be tight.  From paying off student loans to purchasing and furnishing a home, the thought of building a family can be daunting.  But for many, the challenge is made even greater when facing expensive out-of-pocket infertility treatments.

As an Austin-based insurance provider, we’re here to answer any questions you have along the way as you develop a plan for future generations. Contact us today to find out how LifeSpring’s affordable infertility treatment assistance policy can help insure your family’s future.