Coverage designed to offer the best chance of having a biological child


Infertility offers unique circumstances that make it difficult to insure.  As an industry we have struggled to find the best way to provide a wide range of coverage and keep it affordable.  LifeSpring is our answer to changing how infertility treatments are insured.

We offer you the opportunity to purchase policies for your loved ones from birth through age thirteen.  By doing this, you can protect your child from future infertility costs in a practical and affordable way.  We know that your child’s potential infertility is not on the top of your mind, but by the time most people know they will have trouble conceiving it is too late.  With twelve percent of our country struggling with infertility, over a billion dollars are spent every year in treatments – most of them out-of-pocket.   You have the opportunity to ease this financial burden for your loved one by purchasing a LifeSpring Policy.  For only a couple thousand dollars you can provide $50,000 of future infertility treatments.  We’ve designed our policy to give you the most coverage possible. To learn more about our policy features, please continue reading below.

WHO does it cover?

The LifeSpring primary infertility assistance policy covers the couple.  You don’t have to worry if you purchase a policy and your child’s spouse isn’t covered.  LifeSpring covers the diagnosed couple.

Infertility is a couple diagnosis and we designed this policy to provide the best benefits possible.

HOW LONG does it cover?

LifeSpring’s Policy offers 18 years of benefits. If your loved one experiences primary infertility at anytime from age 18 to 35, we will pay for procedures covered under this policy.

WHAT does it cover?

LifeSpring offers coverage for:

  • Anesthesia
  • Fertility Medications
  • Embryo Storage
  • Lab Testing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Outpatient Surgery Center Costs
  • Minor Procedures and IVF

HOW MUCH does it cover?

$50,000 Benefit –  The LifeSpring Policy is designed to provide beneficiaries the best opportunity to have their own biological child.  With $50,000 the average infertility patient will be able to exhaust drug therapy, minor procedures such as IUIs, and two rounds of IVF.