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5 ways to thank moms on Mother’s Day and all year

Celebrating mothers and motherhood this month may feel a little different from other years because of the coronavirus pandemic. But, social distancing and stay at home orders are not going to stop us from finding ways to thank loved ones and add a little joy to all the mothers in our lives. Enjoy these ways to share gratitude and fun for moms everywhere on Mother’s Day.

Be a penpal

So many of us live on our phones, laptops and tablets, which is why it’s so meaningful to send a card or handwritten letter for Mother’s Day. It doesn’t really matter how old you are – a thoughtful note, drawing or poem, can be a thoughtful way to tell your mom or another mom in your life how much they mean to you. Even small children can get in on the action here by sending a note or piece of artwork to an aunt or grandparent that they will look forward to receiving in the mail. Enclose a cherished family picture, recent or from the past, that will make her smile. A service like is one where you create a personalized card online (and you can add pictures!) and then it is printed and mailed.

Go virtual

Does your mom or grandparent have an email address or smart phone? You can send them an email, text or funny meme letting them know you are thinking about them. If you are separated by distance, apps like Zoom, HouseParty, Skype, and Facetime (and others) can get your family together virtually. You could set a time to visit with the family, share a meal, play a game or even watch a movie together using technology like this.

Honor a legacy

Family traditions are wonderful ways to honor the memories and legacy of our mothers. If your mother is no longer alive, you could honor her memory by sharing stories and photos with family members. Maybe you are able to visit a place you shared memories together. And, further, you might consider looking at a website like to learn more about where your mother and her family originated.

Get together

Families may be able to get together even if they are practicing social distancing. Traveling long distances may still take some time. There’s no doubt that when the coronavirus pandemic subsides, families will again have an even greater appreciation of sharing meals, vacations, holidays, hugs and family time together.

A gift to further your family

Meaningful gifts come in many sizes. A child might do chores without complaining. A husband might order take out so mom doesn’t have to cook! But have you ever thought about how you can continue your family’s legacy? LifeSpring Insurance Service was founded because we believe that family is everything, and we want to make it possible for future mothers (and fathers) to have their own biological child when ready to become a parent.

Right now, cost is a barrier for the 1 in 8 young couples who face an infertility diagnosis because insurance often does not cover treatment, considering it “elective.” Even though this diagnosis is highly treatable for most couples, it simply remains out of reach of many young couples because of the expense.

“We thought a lot about how to solve this through insurance and how to make it affordable for more people regardless of who their employer is and what health plan they might have,” says Jason Muesse, LifeSpring CEO. “By covering children with a supplemental health policy, they will have coverage they may need to become a mother or father when they are older and ready to have their own biological child.”

Any benevolent adult or family member may purchase LifeSpring’s Primary Infertility Assistance Policy for children ages 0-13 for a one-time premium of about $2,000. The premium can also be paid out monthly. The policy pays out up to $50,000 for the beneficiary and their future partner/spouse at age 18-35 if they need infertility treatment, like IUI or IVF, to build their family. LifeSpring’s policy, approved by the Texas Department of Insurance, is a unique gift that any grandparent, parent, friend or family member, can give to a child so they may pursue parenthood when they are older.